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20 October 2008 @ 09:10 am
Exchange/Free For All?  
Out of total randomosity, would anyone be interested in doing an Ink & Quill Exchange or Free for All this year?

What I'm thinking... either an exchange like did that one holiday season, where we draw names and write something for one person, or use the Free for All format where each of us posts maybe... 10 things (fics/icons/song vids/journal or archive layouts/etc/whatever fannish or non-fannish, original works or... whatever) and let everyone just do what inspires them based off those 10 things.

Or those of us with better ideas than I have can suggest a better format?

Anyway... my idea.. not a holiday thing, because between NaNo and all, and the fact that we all don't celebrate the same holidays and all... I was thinking of it being just a general, no reason other than we can type of affair.

The time frame I'm thinking is *after* NaNoWriMO and the holidays -- an ultimate deadline of Feb 1, for example.

But... just shooting ideas here, people. Interested in hearing what you all think.
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